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Did you know that the experience of trauma is everywhere in America, 75% of Americans have experienced a traumatic event with  6.7% of those individuals have had posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their lifetime.

Voices of Hope seeks to change our culture's view of trauma by sharing our stories to not only heal ourselves, but to heal others. By being vulnerable and transparent, we can create a culture that is more trauma informed.

Statistics from www.addictionhope.org)



To Change Our Culture one Voice At A Time

Voices of Hope strives to end the stigma that surrounds trauma, with a focus on sExual violence, domestic violence and abuse.




We believe that anyone that has experienced any form of trauma deserves safety.


We feel that having a supportive community is highly important not only in healing but in everyday life.


We trust that once one can feel safe and have a sense of community, empowerment follows.


we know that having the ability to understand someone else’s situation, and the desire to take action to improve their lives is extremely important in others healing.


We believe in building a better world for future generations and will use Voices of Hope to do just that.