About "#BeAVoice"

Our #BeAVoice campaign supports victims of Partner and Sexual Violence. You can submit words of encouragement and kindness on this page or send us a message to be part of the Be a Voice this Holiday Season Campaign! Thank you so much for being a Voice!


Holiday Season - 2017

This past year was our most successful year to date!!! 

We partnered with the shelters listed below and we were able to send out 500 Holiday Cards!!!! 

We also adopted 7 families from VOICe, and we were able to provide over $800 in gifts to just about 20 individuals.

  • VOICe

  • The Blackburn Center

  • Havin

  • The Women's Shelter and Center of Greater Pittsburgh

  • Family Services

  • Clinton County Women's Center

  • Women's Services

  • A Safe Place

  • Crisis Center of Lawrence County

  • Pittsburgh Mercy 

Share why you lost your voice here:

Thank you.

Holiday Season - 2016

We were able to collect 220 cards this Christmas and send them to local shelters. A huge thank you goes out to Kathy Guffey who was able to connect us with the shelters!!!! 


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Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.39.10

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Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 17.38.29




The cards meant so much to the women and families that we gave them out to.  We provided Christmas dinners and presents for 8 families this year which totaled 22 people.  We included the cards with their holiday items, we also distributed them to a local women's in-patient rehabilitation for human trafficking survivor's.  Many of them were brought to tears because of the kindness and encouragement in the cards. 


Sexual Violence Advocate from Ohio

"The Voices of Hope's message is incredibly powerful, and Not On My Campus at Point Park University shares the same goals and values. Partnering with Kristine and bringing the Consent Coaster Campaign to our campus was another great step to spread awareness where it's needed, and we look forward to partnering with this great organization in the future."


Wesley Ehle, Point Park University's "Not on My Campus" Organization