3 Tips to stay safe this Holiday Season

So I know, I need to get better at posting but it has been soo busy because of Holidays, and work etc.

Today, I am going to provide you with 3 tips to stay safe from sexual predators this holiday season.

  1. Carry a form of protection. The holiday seasons are suppose to be a cheerful time of the year, but because of all the hustle and bustle, those that want to take advantage of someone can come out to play.  You never know where they might strike. Protection can be many different items such as a gun, a stun gun, a personal alarm, or pepper spray. If you are interested in arming your self with pepper spray, a stun gun or a personal alarm, check out the great products they have over at Damsel in Defense.

  2. Know your limits when it comes to alcohol. The holidays are a time to celebrate. This means that alcohol can be involved. It has become common knowledge that alcohol can be a major factor that contributes to sexual assault. According to an article by USA Today titled: “Police Experts: Alcohol Most Common in Sexual Assualts, “Alcohol is the number 1 Date rape drug.” My biggest piece of advice would be to know your limits. Know the number of drinks you can have and stop at that point.

  3. Surround yourself with people you trust. Know you surroundings. If you surround yourself with people you trust you can develop a plan to watch out for each other.

So I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday and am looking forward to the amazing things that Voices of Hope will be doing in the New Year!!

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