A survivor's perspective - The Weinstein Case

What do you think of when you hear the name Harvey Weinstein what comes to your mind the movie "Shakespeare in Love" , the Red Carpet, Hollywood splendor, His net worth is estimated twenty one million.Many Americans know him as one of Hollywood's biggest pillars. A very powerful man but he is a man that has used his power and influence to degrade and shame women in the entertainment world.

Imagine being told that you could get advanced in your acting career in a movie or production if you slept with the producer or director and you see this as no way of getting ahead in your career so you have no choice to do so. You have no way of saying no because if you do and you will get black mailed in some form and your career is destroyed, you feel hopeless and desperate there's no way out.

Harvey Weinstein had done this to several women in the Hollywood Industry.He thought no one would ever stand up to him and the world would never know,but he was wrong. I wish to focus on the courage that these woman such as Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd and such others have had in taking a stand and speaking out speaking out against their perpetrator. This is a perfect case of someone abusing their power in a high position as I sit and watch the trial go on on my TV I see how impartial the world and the media are to the victims of this scandal being a sexual assault Survivor myself it really disgust me to see them be picked apart as if everything is in their heads and that what they're saying are false accounts,making them look like they are mentally unstable. Many times a survivor will wait to speak about a traumatic occurrence I didn't talk about myself for nearly a year at first I was in denial I felt like I had lost all power and I wasn't in control of what happened to me. It took time for me to reclaim my power and even my identity. When some is sexually assaulted it destroys their whole being.For these women to come forward they are very resilient and very brave.They have reclaimed back the power that was taken away from them,I find the fact very disheartening to see other women stick up for Weinstein ,his company and for the media to protect his image.

I yearn for the day when we can call perpetrator for what they are ,perpetrators.

Survivors to have their platform and place and to not be shamed in this society of rape culture. We have made progress but I believe their is still more that needs to be done.

A huge thank you goes our to an incredible brave survivor that has contributed this piece. We want to thank you for your bravery in submitting this piece.

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