Born to break the doors down


Kesha. I am sure most of you know her as Ke$ha. You can’t forget the dollar sign…..well now that she actually dropped it, her name seems a little more formal.

The only way you probably do not know the name Ke$ha is if you are not into pop/popular music. Ke$ha came on to the music scene in 2009, with her single Tik Tok flying up the Billboard charts until it hit the top spot at number 1. Since then she has a had a number of other 10 ten hits, and a pesona that comes across as wild, crazy and care free.

If you have heard anything about Kesha recently, it is because of her civil case against her long time music producer Dr. Luke. Dr.Luke is chart topping producer and has not only worked with Kesha, but also other artists such as Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry.

The suit explained the charges were for  sexual assault, and battery, sexual harassment, gender harassment, civil harassment and unfair business. From various articles it is said that right now this is only a civil suit but Kesha is currently looking at all actions and potentialy reporting to the police.

To some, this may seem odd. Why would some who is willing to go to court with a civil case  that involves violence not want to make it a criminal case? After doing a little bit of research, I learned the difference of filing a civil suit as opposed to a criminal case. If one chooses to file a civil they:

  1. A private lawsuit, meaning that the plaintiff(the survivor)initiates the action, not the state.

  2. The Plaintiff has more control over the case and may confront the perpetrator, if they choose.

  3. There is a lesser standard of proof than in criminal cases.

  4. Downside: you have to pay the cost of the suit, where in a criminal case, the county the trial is conducted in pays for it.

Civil suit cannot undo the harm the perpetrator caused, damage awards and the opportunity for vindication can make these suits attractive for survivors.

With all that said, you still might ask the same question, why would Kesha, a survivor of this type of violence, not want to make this a criminal case? Regardless of what kind she wants to file, I still stand behind her 100%. Why would a young woman who has achieved fame, money and hit records through the world’s most successful producer be so desperate to get out of her record contract with the person that made her a star? There has to be something very wrong in this relationship.

Unfortunately yesterday, Kesha did go to court and left in tears as the ruling came down that she will not be released from her recording contract and will have to continue to work with her abuser.

this just shows how our judicial system really works. A woman that is raped and abused must continue to work with her abuser and doesn’t even want to put her perpetrator in jail,

As Kesha’s song Warrior states: “We were born to break the doors down fighting till the end.” Kesha, even though this outcome is not the way it should be, we ARE born to break the doors down and will continue to do so until sexual violence comes to an end.

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