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September marks the beginning of Self Care Awareness Month and today, our guest is perfect to kick it off!

We are honored to introduce to Jere Ann who is the founder of Guided Awakenings.

She is a Reiki Master, specializing in intuitive energy healing and crystal healing. She works to bring your gifts to the surface.

Jere Ann joins us today not only to discuss energy healing, but to share her story and her healing from sexual violence and addiction. Just this past August, she celebrated 8 years clean and has made so many amazing strides not only in her healing but helping others heal. She is truly an inspiration and I know that her story is going to help so many people.

She also gives an overview on Chakra's and energy healing.

We hope you find this episode encouraging and inspiring, and don’t forget to check out Guided Awakenings at and on social media @guided_awakenings and @Jereannelizabeth

Check out her Blog post below!

What led you to develop Guided awakenings? Did something spark this journey in you?

I discovered energy healing.

My journey started in early recovery and how even when I was a child/teen I would recall feeling the the room and mixing up picking up energy with deep rooted social anxiety.

Releasing the fear and leaning on faith and guidance from the universe. Trusting that all my built `up pain a trauma as experiences lead me to this point to help shine light and hope on the darkness.

I realized That I was here and survived my addiction for a reason and I needed to live my truth. I started guided awakenings just as a way to connect and let others feel safe and heal. I honestly had zero expectations it would be my full time work and turn go so well. I realized on night that my connection and gifts were making a deep impact on women and knew This is why I survived this is my reason to help others see their light and to not give up on themselves


And it’s been very abundant in all areas and I have made deep connections with so many women and have never felt more aligned in my life.

Tell us more about what energy work is. Where does the energy come from?

Energy work is a method of healing the life force we have. It can release energetic blockages and emotional blockages. We go through each chakra if you don’t know what chakras are they are our energy points and we have 7 of them starting from the base of our spine going up.

Explain each chakra if should like

Trauma and experiences can block or cloud these points of energy work aligns everything and raises our inner vibration welcoming peace and harmony to our energy. It is definitely something challenging to verbally describe. I highly suggest trying and experiencing.

It also allows us to energetically release what is no longer serving us for they higher good.

It’s a honor to be a conduit for energy and a clear channel.

Something that I find really beneficial is setting an intention before session and connecting to your higher power and source of love. No two session I do are ever alike I am a clear channel for spirit and follow my intuition during each session.

What is the difference between crystal and reiki healing?

The crystals amplify the intention and bring in specific healing energy and color vibration.

I have always loved tarot cards and getting tarot reading done but I have never looked at them in a healing way. How do they contribute to healing? From my experience it really helps gain clear direction and insight to where we may have some growth coming in. I use tarot intuitively for guidance. Also naturally during tarot you can gain closure or comfort from past pain or loss.

What recommendations do you give someone who is on a healing journey but not sure what energy work might be best for them?

Find someone you feel comfortable with and go in with a open heart. Set your intention and welcome the light.

Energy work is healing energy and no harm can be caused. Each persons experience is unique.

I know you offer different sessions including full and new moon sessions, what is the process for those sessions? Full moon sessions we work on releasing what is no longer serving you full moon is all about letting go and making space.

New moon is all about manifesting welcoming in what your spirit needs I love new moon session for my women who are creating a new business and lacking clairity and direction.

During my session, we discussed my inner child. I had overwhelming emotions when this came up because I felt that I really never got to tell my inner child, that I love her and it is ok. Tell more about Inner Child work.

Our inner child needs all that love! And they deserve it inner child healing work has been a big part of my journey. And it’s allowed me to have more compassion with my self and others. It’s funny sometimes I see adults as children and can see their inner child and it helps me really understand the root of things

How important is it for one to work on embracing their inner child and doing the work to show love to their inner child?We can’t erase our trauma or pain but we can give ourselves the love and deserved as a child discuss this.

Also when we got to my root chakra, I know I felt like I was spinning and you mentioned you felt it too…..what does that mean? And is that typical? it is very typical that just shows a need for grounding and balance.

Through your own life what energy healing have you enjoyed the most or have helped you the most?

I love reiki I am very consistent with keeping my energy in alignment. I also am really connected to sound healing, meditation, and movement.

Have their been other ways that have helped you heal as well?

Therapy and my recovery program, meditation, lots of movement, inner child work and hypnosis therapy affirmations are a huge part of my healing process the more we hear it we start to believe it on a unconscious level.

One of our campaigns is called “Be a Voice,” if you could share one piece of advice to someone that has experience trauma or mental illness what would it be?

Oh man this is hard so much I want to say! and also I just want to hug you and tell you that you are worthy and have so much value!

You do not have to struggle in silence. Healing is possible and you are worthy of love.

All parts of you are worthy of love! We are more than our trauma!

What are your social media handles? @guided_awakenings


What is the best way to get in touch with you?

social media or my website

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