We have a really cool blog and podcast episode for you this week in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.

This week, we are featuring Larissa May, also known as Larz is the founder of Half the Story.

#HalfTheStory began when founder, Larissa May (@livinlikelarz).

We chat about everything from how Half the Story came to be, the importance of being mindful on social media and how parents can manage their child's screen time, even during COVID-19.

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What are some ways you suggest to practice social media self care?

During quarantine, my digital wellness rituals have certainly been tested, but there are a few rules of thumb and adjustments I have made as our world has transitioned to avoid zoom and screen fatigue overall.

  1. Make Space for Screen Breaks: I always leave at least 10 minutes between each Zoom meeting to prevent fatigue.

  2. Hide Your Phone Before Bed: I always put my phone to bed 30 minutes before bedtime in another room. I fall asleep quicker and wake up with a clear head.

  3. Brick Mode: I create an away message for my texts every weekend. It’s like a vacation/out of office email for your phone. Here’s how to do it.

Comparison is the thief of all joy according to Theodore Roosevelt. Social media can really increase individuals comparing themselves to others. Why is comparison such a huge issue, even without social media? But why does social media increase comparison?

Comparison has been part of human nature since the start. Egos and reputations are nothing new, but since the birth of social media these tendencies and the impact has been amplified. Our screens are small windows into the best versions of our lives. We are compelled to put our best selfie forward on social media, which is a small sliver of our reality and becomes unattainable. We know that “behind the screens” our lives are NOT PERFECT and this is only #HALFTHESTORY, but our minds trick us into believing otherwise and feeling less than through mindless scrolling.

Why do you think that people don’t share the full story on social media and only half of it?

In my eyes, there are many reasons for this— it really depends on the individual’s situation. At #HalfTheStory we aimed to create a platform and community so that individuals would not feel alone in their pursuits.

When you started #halfthestory what did you struggle with?

When I started #HalfTheStory I was a college student struggling with anxiety and depression behind the screen. Social media amplified my experiences with my mental illness. When I recovered, I wanted to create a space that was more open to discuss these challenges and investigate the relationship social media was playing in other’s lives.

If someone wants to start an organization, or a platform, what would be the advice you would give?

Make the most of what you have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. #HalfTheStory started with a $250 grant and stickers out of a college dorm room. There is always room to grow and resources will come in due time.

Voices of Hope is a big advocate for individuals sharing their story, being vulnerable, and in return we hope it helps someone heal. For individuals sharing their half of the story, what is your hope for them?

Research shows that writing personal narratives help with healing. #HalfTheStory started as a campaign to create more honest and authentic conversations on social media. Our goal is to foster more meaningful relationships online that translate to the real world. The digital world can be isolating. Our personas and egos personify what we want to be perceived as, but in reality we are just humans underneath it all.

What are your social media handles?



How can someone contribute to #halfthestory?

Thank you for your support. You can donate here.

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

You can reach me at larz@halfthestoryproject.com

#HalfTheStory began when founder, Larissa May (@livinlikelarz), was juggling two lives as a student at Vanderbilt University and a fashion blogger/entrepreneur, covering NYFW for highly respected media outlets.

Behind the perfectly curated instagram feed was 17 hour workdays, debilitating anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Through industry conversations and discussions with peers she quickly realized that she was living in a world where everyone was craving a platform to share , which led to the beginning of @halfthestory.

It started as a desire to highlight our most human attributes on social media to reignite human connection in the digital space.

What began as a $800 grant for a senior art project has since become a globally recognized platform connecting people of all walks of life through sharing experiences, struggles, entrepreneurial journeys, and aspirations.

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