Healthy Communication

Although, I may not share my full book with my children until they are older, I still want to ensure I have healthy communication with them.

“I want my children to feel safe and secure and that the choices they make about their bodies should be respected.”

This year for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, The Nation Sexual Violence Resource Center’s(nsvrc) Campaign is all about embracing your voice.

One of those voices is educating your children that the choices they make about their body have a right to be respected.

The flyer that comes with their campaign walks one through what is Consent, ask for Consent, how to listen to your child’s answer, accept “no,” and how relationships and consent go together.

According to NSVRC, Consent means giving someone the choice about touch or actions and respecting the answer they give. They say practicing Consent is how you interact with kids teaches healthy communication and that their body belongs to them.

My son is 2 and half, and I haven’t had a conversation yet but one day while getting ready, I had a bath robe on and he thought it was funny to come over and to keep trying to open it. He knew I didn’t like it and that only made him want to do it more. I told him that I did not appreciate what he was doing and when he asked why, I said this was my body and you need to respect when I say no. Granted, I don’t think he got it then, but I hope soon enough he will.

Check the rest of the information from NSVRC below!!

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