Let’s 86 Sexual Harrasment

So, if you have ever worked in the restaurant industry, you should know what 86 means. For those that you that have not…..it means, we are out of that item, or it is not longer available. For example: 86 Cheesecake!!! We are out of cheesecakes, tell your customers/guests because they can’t order it unless they want to go down the street.

This week is going to have a few blog posts and we will get to hear from friends and family the I know that have been effected by sexual harassment while working in the restaurant industry.

Did you know that women and men who have to live off tips are subject to sexual harassment. “Some 90% of women in restaurant jobs that depend on tips report being bothered at work by some form of sexual harassment,” according to USA Today.

I have worked in the restaurant industry for many years, and I am sure there have been a number of times where I personally was sexually harrassed but one time always stood out me. It was back around 2012/2013 and I was a manager of a restaurant right outside of Pittsburgh, PA. There was a couple in a booth dining, and the gentleman had quite a bit to drink. I was told by the server to keep an eye on this man, because he was being loud, and disrupting other guests. (The worst part is my parents had chosen to come in that afternoon and were dining a few booths away from this couple) The woman at the table got up and went to the restroom. And when she did, the man got up from the table and began to yell at another customer. I immediately went over and asked him to leave the premises. He turned to me, and gave me the “up and down” and asked me if I was single. I told him I was engaged, and he then said, “I bet your fiance likes that pussy.” Completely disgusted, I asked him again to leave, and with that he left with his glass in hand. I was completely and utterly mortified.  Not to mention, now my parents were able to see what goes on, on a daily basis in the restaurant industry.

Wait for our next post, it should be out Wednesday night and will feature one of my friends Lindsay!

Resources: USA today

Check out this site, its pretty cool…..Living Of Tips

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