Silent Crimes Against our Sisters

I come from a strong line of relatives that have served in our United States Military all my Aunts and Uncles have served in the military both my grandfathers as well on both sides of my parents.

As I talk to my dad and other family members they have all agreed upon one clear subject, the military is not safe as it used to be especially for women

There is an unseen war of its own happening in our military ranks right now. Something so evil and sinister, there's an unseen war on our American women in the military.

Within the last decade their has been a high surge of sexual violence in our militairy bases Upon reading and researching these issues that are facing our female soldiers I found it very sickening and disheartening being a survivor of sexal assault myself.

Women make up twenty percent of the military as a whole but are targets of sixty three percent of sexual assaults . With the youngest and lowest ranking women of minorities at risk.

The pentagon has reported an increase in ,sexual assaults harassment in the military A 2011 report found that women in the US Army were likely to be raped by fellow soldiers then to be killed in combat.

The Pentagon survey has also found that higher rates of sexual assaults against women in the United States Marines then in any Armed Service. These just aren't numbers, these are peoples lives being traumatized and ruined.

Vanessa Guillen was a 20 year old young army soldier stationed in Fort Hood Texas who was brutally murdered by another enlisted male soldier.

Before Guilens was killed she had stated to her mother that she was being harassed by an unnamed sergeant at Fort Hood.

It's important to note* There were also other complaints made by other female soldiers against this Sargent. They were all dismissed in the past.Though it is very upsetting that this heinous act of murder was committed against this young lady.

While her story is very important, current and sad to tell Her story which deserves to be heard is among countless other young women that have been sexually victimized in the United states military and didnt have a voice to speak out for fear of criticism and being targeted. they feel powerless .

This is a serious epidemic that needs to stop and be addressed. Not only by our military but I believe our United States president needs to also take action and deal with the uncomfortable issues facing our female soldiers.

If we are going to have our women serve in the military equally they need to feel that they can be comfortable and safe in the environment they are in.

And not feel threatened by questionable actions by their superiors or one of their fellow soldiers in their ranks. It shouldn't have taken one of our female soldiers to die for a change to happen .

My hope is though through the uneventful death of one of our fallen female soldiers a serious change will be put into effect and more Victims in the military come out with their truth

My hope and prayer is for change and justice In our United States military for Victims of sexual Violence.

Submitted by one of our board members.

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