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We are so excited to introduce our guest today, Ta'lor Pinkston, also known as The Heart Advocate. Ta'lor is one amazing and inspiring individual as she chose the path of self love and on that journey, she began to advocate for other's hearts.

We have had the opportunity to work with Ta'lor on a number of occasions including being a part of her event with GRLPWRProjects: "Self-Love: The (Virtual) Fest, and her Healing Totes Fundraiser that she collects totes filled with items for a woman's shelter in Pittsburgh. She truly is an amazing soul and we are honored for her to be here today.

During our episode today, Ta'lor and I had some serious conversation about Self-Love, Self-Care, and Self-Acceptance. The practice of all three can be extremely helpful in ones healing from trauma and we hope that in today's episode you take away some valuable information.

Find her podcast episode here.

What inspired you to become The Heart Advocate?  To help individuals to self love is a coping skill for mental health and healing. In my own life I noticed that my self-worth was playing a major role in my choices and what I was allowing and how I saw myself. Self-love has taught me to never settle to only have loving and respectful relationships and to stay true to myself no matter what. I think everyone needs that. How do you define self-care? 

There’s six or more types of self-care the ones that I practice often are physical self-care, emotional self-care, mental self-care, practical self-care, spiritual self-care, and social self-care.  Self-care is providing yourself with what you need moment to moment day today week to week month-to-month,mind, body, and soul.

What are some of your favorite self care practices? 

Emotional self-care right now is really important to me and social self-care as well. Emotionally expressing myself and how I feel asking questions when I need answers saying no when I really want to eat some ways that I practice emotional and social self-care.

What are some of your least favorite but you know you need to do them? 

My least favorite type of self-care practices definitely practical self-care it’s not fun to do laundry it’s not fun to do dishes for me it’s not fun to take out the trash and clear my space but I need those things in order to be creative and to be the therapist that I am clear space truly helps me.

How did no make-up Monday start and how can someone participate? 

I actually did not like start no make up Mondays. it’s something that I decided to start doing for myself back in 2017. I noticed other influencers posting pictures of themselves And highlighting natural beauty and it’s something that I believe in so I joined in and added it as a part of my platform.  I have struggled with feeling like I had to wear makeup to feel beautiful and I know many femme individuals feel the same way. 

Healing over everything. What is the premise? Can anyone join? 

H.O.E. is a virtual support group and safe-space for all individuals ages 18+ that desire to choose self-love. This group does not welcome anyone who is a bigot; anti-black, transphobic, homophobic, anyone who is hyper-masculine is anti-femme, and anyone who does not accept difference.  In this space, we are defying perfectionism, self-hate, self-neglect and the word "HO" every day because no matter your socioeconomic status, your race, religion or culture, we are all living in a male dominated society that shames femininity, being queer, and existing as anything other than being a rich, Christian, heterosexual, white man. Each week we discuss a different topic related to encouraging, celebrating, and challenging our self-love, mental health, and healing. We post prompts for open discussions during our weekly topics for you to share your thoughts and feelings. H.O.E. is for venting, sharing, and giving advice + support, so SHARE YOUR TRUTH.

How do you manage self-care while still maintaining your social media? 

I don’t believe in “balance” so to speak because life happens all the time and routines change so much if you have a life like mine.  I focus on checking in with myself. Asking myself what do I need today? What am I doing too much, too little, and not at all? What should I do today to take care of me? My social media is a part of my self-care; I use my platform as my video/photo diary. Every Heart Tool and resource I share, I practice for myself. 

How can one practice self care and self love when they feel alone?

Self-care is only one part of self-love and although self-care can help you cope with loneliness, self-love is not a cure for loneliness; you may still get lonely whether you are in a relationship or not. Self-love is a coping skill for healing and loneliness is definitely something I am healing over; it’s tough and the nights are the hardest, but with self-compassion, another branch of self-love, I am practicing challenging negative self-talk, my Inner Bullies, and those thoughts that tell me that I need to be in a relationship and married in order to be happy. I can find inner-peace and joy inside of my own being — with practice of course. 

What is the best way to get in touch with you?  WEBSITE: EMAIL: SUPPORT GROUP: Healing Over Everything (H.O.E.) What are your social media handles?  Facebook: @theheartadvocate Instagram: @theheartadvocate Twitter: @heartadvocate_

I am Ta’lor L. Pinkston, and I created The Heart Advocate to help individuals choose self-love as a coping skill for mental health concerns and healing. I am a Self-love Activist, Speaker and Therapist who is dedicated to your heart.

In 2015 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and for 9 months I struggled with depression. At the time, I had just received my Master’s in Social Work and was planning to be Therapist, but instead I was living in a one-bedroom apartment, low-income, unmarried, in a toxic relationship and I was fired from my employer while on an unpaid maternity leave.

I lost my value, my mental health was declining, and so was my self-worth.

I hated myself for bringing my daughter into a world that I did not prepare to have her in but when she was born, I was reminded of my strength. During the first year of her life, I knew that I was putting more effort into my relationship than I was putting into myself and I was done with my own bullshit.

I was settling for less than what my heart + soul desires, I was not staying true to myself and my relationships felt toxic and draining. For the first time, I admitted to myself that I did not fully love myself and I wanted that to change. I did a google search for self-love and found the Path of Self-love school and in 2017 I received my certification in the Foundations of Self-love.

Self-love changed my life and I am an advocate for the power of practicing this Heart Work. And now, I want to help you to never settle, to only have loving and respectful relationships, and to stay true to yourself. - Ta'lor's bio from

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