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I am excited to introduce Marissa Nash.

Marissa is a Holistic Life Coach + Corporate Wellness Coach, her mission is to teach you how to tap into the wisdom of your mind, body, and soul, learn to trust your intuition, and step into your personal power both personally and professionally.

She is a guest this week on the Unveil your Voice Podcast, and her corresponding blog post is below! We hope you enjoy!

You saw a change that needed to happen in the Wellness industry. Tell us your story, and what sparked you to make that change.

The Well Method came from my own personal wellness journey and the hangups I faced in having to "piecemeal" my wellness plan on my own, working with multiple different coaches, therapists, and healers. I felt like I was wandering through my wellness goals a bit aimlessly and wondering if it would get me to where I wanted to be -- living a life of joy, confidence, fulfillment, and self-love. It felt very disjointed but I knew that I needed a smorgasbord of wellness providers to really get me to where I wanted to be because wellness is not one size fits all. I had to ask "under the table" questions at woo crystal shops to find an ayurvedic practitioner, I had to overcome other people's ideas of what wellness should look like (i.e. go to a therapist and don't invest in anything else) and the money, well, I spent A LOT of it.  The Well Method was born out of a gap that I see in the wellness industry. We are each unique and the way we navigate our wellness journey should reflect that. This approach is one that takes women into consideration as the beautiful, thriving, growing human beings that they are and guides them in a holistic approach to their personal and professional goals. 

This month is self-care awareness month, and I would love to find out what are some your favorite and least favorite self-care activities.

Favorite: baths, afternoon walks with my dog through neighborhoods, spending quality time with friends, yin yoga, practicing living an Ayurvedic lifestyle

The Wellness Method, the one-year wellness journey, which to me personal sounds amazing. On your site, you break out the seasons and specific focus on certain areas for each season, but it is truly holistic to include self-love, astrology, strength-based leadership and even about Money. Which one typically may not think to put these 4 together. Tell us about the Wellness Method and why it is important to have this holistic approach.

I believe that each of us have unique needs, goals, and desires. I like to see each of my clients as unique individuals and feel that the best approach to holistic wellness is to be supported by a team. Our team is intentionally designed to take women deeper into self-introspection and self-understanding. Which I believe, leads to more self-acceptance and from a place of loving ourselves more, we can make a greater impact in the world.

You have an energy around you, and the one thing I personally love about your work is you are nourishing individuals souls through many different facets, this can include nourishment in an individuals work life and personal life. Out of everything you do, what do you feel is one of the best or beneficial ways to nourish one’s soul?

Thank you! I find that my meditation practice is the most nourishing for my soul. Each season I crave different types of meditation, but lately I have embraced the cooler season of fall and the ability to really reconnect with myself through mindfulness and mantra meditation.

You also have a podcast called the Stay Well Podcast. During one of your episodes, you talk about energy management, I want to guide individuals to listen to this episode, but could you give us some insight on why energy management is so important in daily life and why it could be beneficial in healing?

Energy management is important for us as women, because we have a lot of roles and responsibilities that we juggle every single day. From doing this work for almost 6 years now, I can say that most of us struggle with knowing ourselves well enough to create a proactive approach to our lifestyle and how we live. It's important to know what we're saying yes to, what we're saying no to, when we need breaks, when we feel most energetic, and when we need to ask for support.

We work with individuals that have experienced trauma and I saw your pursuing your Healing Trauma + Somatic Healing with Peter Levine. Can you tell us a little more about that and how it will contribute to the Well Co.?

Yes! I incorporate somatic work, embodiment techniques, yoga, meditation, and breathwork into my one-on-one coaching sessions as well as in my Movement class that I teach through my virtual studio, The Well Studio. I believe that trauma and memories can get stuck in the body and we need to flush and cleanse the physical and emotional self to stay well.

Healing from my own trauma, I struggled for many years, and truly never looked at my own needs and just followed what I thought I should do. Why is identifying your need/needs so important and how can that help you move forward in your life?

Thank you for sharing this, I know that I can relate and I'm sure many others can as well. This is a big area of what I teach women and it is life changing. When we start to learn how to identify our needs and self-soothe, our world becomes much lighter. We feel more free, energized, and clear!

I recently had a conversation with someone about dissociation, which I feel is something many people deal with including myself. I have heard that meditation can be helpful to reduce dissociation. What do you think? I do think that meditation can help with dissociation and the symptoms of it. Mindfulness meditation would be specifically helpful for this. One of the campaigns that Voices of Hope runs is called Be A Voice. If you could provide any form of kindness or encouragement to an individual that has experienced trauma, what would that be? I would encourage anyone who has experienced trauma to know that they are not alone, that there is still hope, and to love yourself hard as you embark on your healing journey.

What is the best way to reach you? Email is great! What is your website, and social media handles? @thewellwithmarissa @thewellforyoursoul  Two spaces open every month for The Well Method.

About Marissa Nash:

As a Holistic Life Coach + Corporate Wellness Coach, my mission is to teach you how to tap into the wisdom of your mind, body, and soul, learn to trust your intuition, and step into your personal power both personally and professionally.

My career in wellness started at lululemon, and since I've worked in the wellness industry for over 9 years. I've been a Certified Professional Life Coach for 5+ years, a 1,000+ hour Yoga Instructor for 9+ years and I specialize in teaching self-care, meditation & mindfulness techniques to women just like you.

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