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We are truly honored to introduce our guests this week. Today we share with you Jose and Ralph who founded "We are all one Story."

They are two brothers whose lives went different paths. One of them would lose both of his legs fighting for our Nation, while the other would lose years of his life in the California Department of Corrections. Somewhere in the trauma of their lives they had forgotten what they once always knew to be true - Their inherent value as people and the value in their own story. They have found that value once again. It is their mission to help others remember and never forget that their story matters. Your story is worth telling. Let them share it with the World.

Check out their blog post below to learn more and you can find their podcast episode here.

You both saw a problem. What was the problem? How did you first set out to change it?

The initial problem was the perceived loss of value in our own individual stories. Once we were able to regain our value, we realized that many others also needed to remember their own. The way we set out to help change that was through listening and sharing other people’s stories.

What impact do you hope to make?

We want to impact people through the realization of self value in oneself and in one's own story.

When you began We are all one story what struggles did you have? The initial struggle was ourselves believing in our own story.

What successes did you have?

Doing what we set out to do: Listening to and sharing people's stories and seeing the positive impact that had on people's lives.

Why do you feel it is important for people to share their stories?

Many people lose sight of the inherent value in their own story and feel that they are alone in their struggles; that is not the case. It’s important for people to share their story so that they can personally re-see their value and also let others know that they are not alone.

What happens when someone shares their story through We are all one story?

We believe that when someone decides to share their story publicly, they are taking ownership of their narrative. That initial step is powerful.

If someone wants to share their story what advice do you give them?

To simply answer questions with complete honesty and to see their own story through the lens of love and hope.

How did each of you feel when you first shared your stories?

A burden lifted off of our shoulders... empowered.

What is the best way to get a hold of We are all one story?

Through our Instagram account @weareallonestory or through our website - weareallonestory.net

Ralph DeQuebec is 37 years old. He would join the United States Marine Corps at 19. During his third combat deployment, he would be critically injured from an IED blast and would receive a Purple Heart for his actions in combat. During his recovery, he would discover the sport of Para Ice Hockey. He would then go on to win a gold medal in the 2018 Paralympic games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Ralph is the captain for the Colorado Warrior Avalanche, a co-founder of We Are All One Story and is currently training for the 2022 Paralympic games in Beijing, China.

Jose Lugo is thirty-three years old. He would join a L.A. street gang when he was sixteen and would be convicted and sentenced to five years in prison at the age of eighteen. When he paroled from prison, he vowed to himself that he would never go back and dreamed of one day telling the stories of his peers. Jose would go through life never fully understanding the value in his own story. At the age of thirty-one he would return to jail for a D.U.I. After his three day incarceration, he had lost all hope. He took inventory of his life and saw himself only as a criminal with no value. On the brink of taking his own life, he was able to remember a simple truth that he had believed as a child - that he as a person had inherent value, therefore his story had value. It was in that moment that he was able to find the value in his story once again. 

Jose is the lead creative and co-founder of We Are All One Story. He currently travels the country listening to and sharing peoples stories. He is also finishing his memoir, Love, Faith and Violence: A True Song and Story, set to release November, 2020.

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