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Kristine IrWIN

Meet Voices of Hope's team.

They are truly a group of amazing individuals who strive to end sexual and partner violence.


JR is the Midwest Business development manager for Clemens Food Group. He loves spending time with his wife and two children and watching Pittsburgh and Penn State sports.

The reason I love Voices of Hope is exactly what is says in its name. Voices giving hope of change. The organization is about changing the awareness of rape culture, but it’s more than that even. It’s about victims changing to survivors, self muted friends and family changing to advocates. Strangers changing to supporters. My biggest hope to change my children to be better than me, to always stand up and speak up for what’s right. And always to use their voices to provide hope for everyone they meet.


Julie Miller is a librarian by day and an advocate by night. She enjoys reading mysteries, buying nail polish and listening to far too many true crime podcasts. In 2004, she met Kristine Irwin at Point Park University where they bonded over their mutual love of Britney Spears. The desire to speak up and be a voice for victims of sexual assault and their loved ones stems from what happened to Kristine in 2004. Julie wants to encourage the loved ones of survivors to raise their own voice in helping to change rape culture, as the effects of assault often extend beyond the victim.


My name is Tina Honkus and I am a wife, a mother and a Gigi. My daughter, Kristine, was assaulted in 2004. Trauma effects not only the victim but the community around the victim and I experienced vicarious trauma. 

I am glad to be a part of this organization where I can share my own healing with others and change our culture.


Katie is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, and currently working at LuluLemon.

She feels it is important to be a part of Voices of Hope beCause we each heal in a unique way. By hearing others we also hear ourselves.


My name Is Alanah Mclaughlin and I am from Johnstown, Pa. I feel its an honor to work with Voices of Hope. Being a sexual assault survivor myself, I hold what this organization stands for very dear to heart which is healing, helping and empowering people.